WhatsApp Settings You Should Change

WhatsApp Settings You Should Change

Good visuals are as important as creative and compelling content for social media. According to the data, images posted on social media attract more attention than texts. If you aim for more likes, shares and retweets from your followers, you can be more visible.

Product shot
When you are selling a product, it is important to take a lot of photos. You need to show the flattering features of the product in your photos. Don’t just talk about features, your followers need to do something concrete.

team spirit
Connect with your fans by posting pictures of your colleagues or employees. This is done to humanize the brand because at the end of the day, you are selling products to people.

Value your fans
Share some spotlight for your fans. No one would like to see online product manuals on your social media pages, they have seen enough on brochures. Take them to the center stage and they will give you more than that in return.

Special behind the scenes
Encourage your fans even more and diversify your content. You can offer a special, sneak peek at your operations — which actually goes behind all the product advertising and marketing you are giving them on social media. This way fans will not bore.

action shot
Move away from the staged photos and dive into some action. Capture them and share them with your fans.

Add some effects
Do not limit your post to raw photos. Create your own unique artwork using some editing tools like Photoshop, Picasa and other free photo editing tools. Combine data with words and pictures to create a data-type graphic.

Stolen bullet
Not all shots need to be staged. You can take candid photos or encourage your fans to share their candid photos, using their products. Impromptu shots create the impression that your brand is reliable for taking authentic photos.

One of the main content marketing strategies is your own video channel – Youtube, Instagram, or Vine. You can promote this content in other social media channels and there are better chances of it going viral.

Take advantage of the new photo sharing platform developed by Twitter, where you can share multiple photos in one tweet. You can create a collage using free online photo editors and applications. There are many tools available for your imagination.

The selfie
Take your audience in a pose for a selfie with your smartphone and encourage them to upload it online. One way to keep your audience engaged is to keep in mind the latest trends in social media.


It is probably the most popular messaging app worldwide, with 700 million active users. This has made chatting more efficient and cheaper than sending text messages. If you are one of these users, then you can consider changing your settings to improve your WhatsApp messaging experience.

Manage push notifications
Another default setting of WhatsApp is the preview of incoming messages in the form of push notifications. If you do not want other people to see your private conversations, you can disable this option.

how to do this? Now you will only get a notification that says, “Message by real name,” instead of previewing the actual message text.

Chat Auto Backup
Millions of information are shared on WhatsApp. During those times when you need something, but it is not found in your chat history, you can rely on backup. WhatsApp can automatically backup all your chats. Tap on “Settings”> “Chat Settings”> “Chat Backup”. Choose “Auto Backup” to store the chat in your iCloud account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Save some memory
The default setting of Counter WhatsApp automatically saves the images and videos that you receive through the application. At first, you would think that it saves time to save photos in your camera roll but then it becomes annoying because it fills your phone with unnecessary images.

how to do this? Go to the Settings menu of WhatsApp, choose Chat Settings and toggle to turn off the Incoming Media option.

Hide “Last Scene”
If you want to keep your chatting activity private, you can always modify the “last scene”, where no one will see it. Go to Settings, click “Account”> “Privacy”> “Last View”. Change your settings. On the down side, if you hide your mouth, you will not be able to see the activity of the other.