Useful Apps that Replace Your Wallet With Your Phone

Useful Apps that Replace Your Wallet With Your Phone

Nowadays, a mobile phone is almost like your ID and your wallet. Due to mobile app technology, you do not have to bring all your valuables. You can store all these in your phone.

No large faction of leather, plastic, or fabric presses itself against your thigh. There is nothing strange in your pocket. No shuffling and shifting to change your seat.

Amazing? Here are three applications you should definitely check out:

1. Google Wallet
Replaces your cash, credit card, loyalty card and coupon

The app was launched in 2011 (Android and iPhone), which can be used to buy online and in stores. Also, you can use it to withdraw cash from ATM using your phone or card.

Google Wallet syncs with your bank account – which also syncs your credit and debit cards. Thus, you can pay directly for anything. Recently “Instant by feature” was rolled out for iOS only, but remained on Android for a whole year.

You can sync loyalty cards to your Google Wallet, where you can for example use some brand apps such as Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. For other things, you can always scan the bar code in the app. The good thing about having Google Wallet is that you will never have to deal with clutch wallets and lost vouchers.

2. Passbook
Replacing your travel and entertainment tickets, loyalty and rewards cards.

Whether it’s a boarding pass for a flight or box seats for a baseball game, Passbook (available on iOS) allows you to store and scan almost any type of ticket. This way you will never have to forget or wrong a cinema ticket!


Good thing, it also works with all types of rewards and loyalty cards.

3. Venus
Replaces your credit and debit card.

The application was launched in March 2012 (iPhone and Android), which allows you to transact directly with your mobile contacts. By integrating your debit or credit card, you can easily pay using Venmo. It will collect payments from friends, link it to your bank account, and complete your Venmo balance that you can use to make payments.

However, unlike Google Wallet and Passbook, Venmo does not allow you to purchase items directly. This can help you reimburse your friend, and avoid carrying large amounts of money in your pocket.

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