Facebook Mobile Marketing Revamp

The rule is that there are no rules

Turn your ordinary photos on for extraordinary works of art! All you have to do is follow a simple set of hacks and tricks, no need for expensive lenses or other fancy devices.

You can make your own filters or diffused flash on-the-go to create more artistic filters, shooting photos like Pro has never been so easy. The good thing about it is that even if you are a beginner, you can easily learn how to become a first class photophile.

The rule is that there are no rules
Yes, there are some photography rules such as the rule of thirds, but it does not always need to be applied. You can break the rules and the result may surprise you.

Line your shot
Boost your creativity by getting some inspiration from Shutterstock or 500px, or other cool photography sites.

Capture clear moments
Avoid staged photos, try and capture things as they are happening. But the whole time your face does not get stuck behind a camera or a phone.

To use something
Instead of a normal selfie, whenever you take a shot, you can also use various objects such as a stuffed toy. This is great for better options for travel shots and selfies.

Capture the whole picture
Selfies can dominate social media sites but this does not mean that you should always take a close-up. Notice all the beauty that surrounds your subject.

Group shots never get old
Group shots are always a good idea to document everyone in attendance.

Portraits are fun too
Landscapes and group shots are a sure fire to get good photos, but pictures can also be very creative.

Use apps to enhance photos
This app called 360 Panorama gives your photos a completely different perspective. There are tons photo enhancing apps that give you awesome results.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg held a meeting with executives and developers of the largest social networks, with an emphasis on building apps and growing mobile audiences.
For the past months, Facebook has been making efforts to expand mobile reach with the acquisition of new social media marketing apps and Parc. This mobile network improvement is good news for advertisers, so that they can reach the exact target audience and build a larger network.

Growing Up, Growing Faster
The old motto “Move fast and break things” is now changed to “stable fast with stable infra.”
“He may not have the same ring and not be attractive, but it helps us create a better experience for everyone and how we work,” Zuckerberg said at the conference.
Zuckerberg is not much into reach breaking ‘things to get to that, but is committed to fixing major bugs within 48 hours for over a billion users.

More control for users
To gain the trust of users, Facebook issued a new set of permissions for users to take control of the information shared online.
Facebook is working to allow third party apps, where users can choose the things they share. Users may now have more options for privacy. This line-of-access feature for third party apps will reportedly roll out next year.

Anonymous app browsing
Despite encouraging users to use their identities by rolling out anti-identity theft features, it is quite surprising that Facebook now enables users to browse and test applications anonymously. In this way, users will not have to share more information to continue using the app.

Facebook mobile and network
Since January, Facebook entered its own mobile advertising network, which can be used by advertisers as a tool to place advertisements in third-party applications. To date, Facebook constitutes 59% of its total revenue and its mobile advertising network continues to grow. The Audience Network will help advertisers get the right apps for their campaigns.

More developer friendly tools
Facebook intends to create developer-friendly tools through its Parse acquisition, enabling back-end cloud services to various applications. This allows developers to do push alerts and analytics via AppLink. It is already available for iOS and Android (limited), but becomes standard over the next few months.