Quick Tips to Secure your Blackberry

Quick Tips to Secure your Blackberry

Most of us have important information on our BlackBerry smartphones. The last thing you want is for your personal and confidential data to be misplaced in your hands if it is lost or stolen. Follow some of the tips below so that you are safe:

1. Bluetooth connectivity
Enabling your Bluetooth increases the risk of virus transmission and unauthorized access by others. Make sure you have it disabled when not in use. Another layer of security that you can enable is going through the options and within the Bluetooth section selecting “No” under the “Searchable” area.

2. Savings Account and Password
It is highly recommended to use BlackBerry’s built-in password keeper utility to protect your user accounts and passwords. Storing your login information on an Internet browser makes it very easy for external sources to access your data from other locations.

3. Data Encryption
The BlackBerry device has a “Content Protection” feature, which you can enable by going to Options and Security Settings. This invaluable configuration gives you the option to restrict the security and access to your address book.

4. Configure password protection
Apart from choosing a strong password, you also have the option of other features such as timeout period, application installation permission, number of password attempts, and logging restrictions.

5. Do not accept file transfers from unknown contacts
Whether you are downloading files from sites or receiving them from another device, make sure it is from a reliable source. Corrupted files, viruses, and Trojans through photos, voice notes, BlackBerry contacts, and other applications can all severely affect your BlackBerry device. You can also ensure that a reliable anti-virus software application can be installed to ensure that all transmitted files are scanned and cleaned.

6. Memory cleaning
It is one of the most overlooked devices on the BlackBerry as it can significantly enhance data security and device performance. Once enabled, it allows you to clear your device’s memory by removing confidential data such as encrypted documents, emails, SMS messages, Internet browser cache, unused applications, pictures, media files and call logs.

7. Protecting your BBM with privacy features
To begin with, you can enable a security question on a BBM invite that will help filter through some unfamiliar users.
To activate, click> BBM> Blackberry Menu key> Scroll to Options> Check “Display security question on invitation”. Within a single screen, you can also uncheck “Auto-voice notes”, which will prevent offensive or harmful audio files.

For privacy reasons, you may want to keep your location and time zone information hidden.
To do this, go to> BBM> Go to the top bar and click on “Profile”. Here you can uncheck the fields that “Show My Location / Time Zone Information”