8 Pointers Every Smartphone User

8 Pointers Every Smartphone User

Are you on windows phone Android, or iPhone? It does not matter, as long as you follow these pieces of advice, you can outsource your ‘smartphone’ and make your life completely easier. Here’s how to make the most of your trusted mobile friend:

Sort your home screen for efficient use
Organize your home screen by putting your favorite apps in folders, or directly in places where you can access them. Use the categories in the naming folder and organize the applications accordingly. For example, include all gaming apps in a folder and name it “Games”. Gather the calculator, voice recorder, weather app and currency converter into a folder and name it “Tool”. That way, even if you get more apps in the future, your home screen won’t mess up.

Install mobile antivirus software
Most smartphones come with an already installed mobile antivirus software. If you don’t have one, it’s best to install it now.

Back up your photos, files
Save your photos from disaster. Instead of marking your calendar to schedule manual backups of your photos, why not set your phone to automatic backup? That way, you’ll never lose any of your photos, even if you lose your phone. Apps like Carousel (Dropbox) and OneDrive (Microsoft) do it automatically for you with 5 GB, and 7 GB storage capacity respectively. For Android or iOS users, you can simply modify your settings to automatically backup your photos that you are connected to the Internet.

Explore other email and browser options
Although it wouldn’t hurt to try to rely on common browser apps, it is also good for finding other options like Mailbox (iOS) and Dolphin Browser. You can easily manage your mail using Mailbox in just one swipe and attach files easily with the option to email them later. The Gmail iOS app also lets you see threads of long and previous conversations. Whereas the Dolphin browser has a desktop-style view.

No need to buy insurance
Don’t be tempted to buy insurance or extended warranty to save a few bucks. If something goes wrong you can fix your phone or get it replaced.

Use the wireless hotspot feature
In some data plans, this feature is already included. This is cheaper than availing a data plan for your tablet.

Use the cloud to store music
Lighten your phone’s memory load by using online cloud storage apps. With Google Play Music, you can have over 20,000 free songs, which you can also perform on your desktop using music manager software from Google.

Know basic shortcut
Shortcuts are made to get things done faster. For iOS, you can see the quick settings by swiping from top to bottom. Double tap on the home screen to swipe and view recent apps and nearby apps. For Android, to zoom in on your notifications, outward, long press and drag down. To find more functions, you can long press or tap the Home button.